Company Info

Senior Policy

  • Keep all appointments made.
  • Inspect all potential jobs prior to beginning any work.
  • Accurately inform the customer of what is to be done.
  • Never compromise job quality for economic reasons.
  • Complete the current project prior to starting the next one.
  • Deliver what was promised to the customer.


I began full time work in the flooring & construction industry in 1974 by cleaning carpets & furniture with my cousin in my birthplace, Reading, PA, in the very first carpet steam cleaning company in the Eastern US, ThuroSteam.

When my cousin bought a retail flooring store, I ran the cleaning business. As retail sales grew the demand for skilled installers also grew. The carpet cleaning company was sold and I started my own cleaning & installation service. It was at this time that I learned the basics well from the “old timers”. Working with experienced tradesmen I got an education in how to do the job right the first time. The lesson learned: “there are no shortcuts to quality”. In other words if some extra work is required to do the job right, then do it.

After much success in the retail business, the flooring store was sold, my cousin moved up into  flooring manufacturing & commercial sales while I continued flooring installations. In 1984, I became certified by Armstrong World Industries to install any of their floors. It was then that I shifted my focus off of carpet installations & concentrated upon more challenging work with sheet vinyl (linoleum) and tile.

To take advantage of the “building boom” I moved to No.Va. in 1986. At first I worked mostly in new home construction. Dissatisfied with the standards set by some builders in the area, I remembered the lessons taught me by the “old timers”. I gave up new home construction work and set out to provide quality installations of tile and flooring products to homeowners, working strictly on a referral basis. I also provided installation services to 5 Color Tile stores until they went out of business in 1997.

Over the years I acquired many other skills and eventually became a licensed Virginia Class C Home Improvement Contractor, providing all services necessary for remodeling projects.

– Tony Turrisi